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Hopefully, this will show you want you can achieve if you want to. This is our Scout template, we have different ones for Beavers, Rainbows, Brownies, Cubs.......One of the important aspects of this website system is being able to make pages secret. You can make any page (apart from the home page) a password protected page. This is very important in todays world that information and/or images are only passed to those that it is intended for. This means that the website can be used for a whole host of information and fun activities. If at anytime you feel the password has been compromised then you simply reset the password and rebuild the website from the template page. If you meet a password protected page on this website, use the password secret, all lowercase.How often, as a scouting leader, have you received phone call about activities? Well in one simple system parents and scouts can get access to events without pestering you! Latest ammendments and updates can be conveyed instantly through the website. The website can even help you deliver on to the next page to find out how!